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Anyone whose anybody knows how unbearably hot the Texas heat can be! Luckily for me as a Dallas Family Photographer that exclusively shoots during golden hour, I find that the times close to sunset and sunrise allow for a moment of reprieve from the hot temperatures.

Morning golden hours are stunning, peaceful, and serene. The early hours of the day are the coolest periods you’ll encounter. Not to mention the quiet and little to no crowds allow for exclusivity shooting at any given location. No crowds, distractions, or discomfort from nearby visitors or onlookers.

Summer evening golden hours are late in the day. As the sun falls, the blazing rays fall along with it to deliver a bit of relief from the heat. The charm in summer golden hours is being able to enjoy and appreciate the glowing sky a bit longer than any other time of the year.

While I can understand why some prefer to pursue indoor studio sessions during the summertime. Nature is one of the most beautiful backdrops to any family or maternity session. It’s timeless, classic, and magical.

Here are some of my favorite ways to embrace outdoor photo sessions during summer.

  1. Be Where the Flowers Bloom

Flowers make for a vibrant pop of color in outdoor family and maternity sessions. The seasonal blooms are best captured at their height. Some of the summer varieties to be admired are Sunflowers, Crape Myrtle, Indian Blanket, Indian Paintbrush, Texas Thistle, and Blackfoot daisy just to name a few.

Keep a look out for poisonous hemlock which is toxic to both people and animals.

2. Make it a Picnic

A picnic setup will always be a classic for a Spring and Summer themed photo session.

I’m not much of a theme photo session type but a picnic basket set up, I’ll always sign off for.

3. Find the Shade

For added comfort during golden hour find a spot where both the camera and subject(s) are in a shady spot. Not only are you and your subject(s) out of the sun but it’s a formula for sharper images too since you’re avoiding haze produced by the sun’s rays.

4. Stay Hydrated

Keep cool and drink plenty of fluids to ensure your body is able to adequately regulate itself in the heat. Have water bottles nearby for hydration breaks in between shots.

Mom and baby during Dallas Family Photo Session by Tonaya Noel Photography
Dallas Family Photo Session by Tonaya Noel Photography
Summer Photoshoot Inspo by Tonaya Noel Photography

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