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A natural light photographer based near McKinney, Texas and mom of 2. Photography has always been a passion of mine, but it wasn't until I became a mom that I truly found inspiration for my work.

I wanted those special moments with my children to be forever with me and I wanted to be able to remember exactly how I felt in that moment. Since then my camera has never left my side. Since then I've mastered preserving and stopping time. 

hello. I'm Tonaya.


quiet moments

early mornings

my babies




Through authentic storytelling, connection and interaction with my clients, I evoke natural, emotive expressions in my imagery to awaken and capture a type of beauty between people that can not be faked. 

The most beautiful photographs of ourselves are true and unforced. With strategic placement against the sun's glowing, radiant light - a dreamy photograph is produced.

As a mother, I understand that children must be given the space to warm up to their environment and I believe in the importance of just letting them be ...no forced smiles or actions, just the freedom to be as they are and feel how they feel at the present moment. 

Give it a little time and eventually a smile will crack.  

I believe the classic, timelessness of a less is more aesthetic

my Philosophy