Family and Motherhood Photography – My “Why”

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There’s this common thread amongst photographers that brings us all together- and it’s our why. The majority of us share similar stories that brought us to pursue photography. Many would say they grew up having a camera in their hand. While others were inspired by a particular event or moment that ignited that dream. For me, it was a little of both but mostly a particular moment that influenced me to pursue Family and Motherhood photography.

My Favorite Art Form

For starters, photography is one of my favorite art forms and historical artifacts. I’m easily entranced by a really great photo. If we’re in a museum you will find me spending most of my time observing the framed photographs and wondering about all the elements that made up the photo. I’ll wonder about the time frame, what evoked the emotion, the series of events, the lighting and so much more. See that’s what I really love about an image. It preserves a moment in time. It tells a story.

How It All Began

Like many photographers, a camera came into my hand while I was really young. I grew up a military child. When my family was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, my Dad and I would spend some of our weekends exploring beautiful nooks of the island, mostly photographing the landscape of the ocean. It was a peaceful hobby I shared with my Dad and a memory of mine I’d never forget. At the time, I was also really into fashion and wanted to be a stylist assisting on photo sets.

That dream later evolved into me wanting to be the one behind the camera photographing the subject. Except for me. I preferred documenting the beauty of real, everyday people.

How It All Started

It wasn’t until I had my first child that my camera held a meaningful purpose for me. Before then photography was purely a hobby. When I had my son, it became a memory keeper. Capturing all the moments and details of my son during his early years felt very important to me. It was sentimental and a means for me to preserve a moment. Fleeting moments, that I’ll never get back. When I had my daughter, that purpose felt even greater. Next thing you know, this propelled me into photographing the early memories and moments of other new moms. They understood just like I did, how important and sentimental capturing these moments with our loved ones was. Family and Motherhood photography for me isn’t just a hobby. It’s the impact and the value I bring to others.

Family and Motherhood Photographer based in Princeton, TX
A self-portrait of Omari and I

I Wasn’t Always doing Family and Motherhood Photography

Yeah, I dabbled here and there before I fell into Family and Motherhood photography. My initial focus was as a brand photographer. Then my son started school and I no longer had time for all the behind-the-scenes prep work required for brand photography. I’ve also done a bit of editorial work which was really fun. But, often these occurred during the middle of the week and started to conflict with my family life.

Family and Motherhood Photography was a natural fit and always felt right.

Final Words

I love Family and Motherhood photography. It moves me and I enjoy how it moves other families as well. I enjoy working with others who value the art form in the same way I do because it’s more than just an art form. It’s an archive of a very personal moment, emotion, feeling, and bond shared with someone very special to you. And through an image, you can be brought back to a place or moment in time that made you feel really happy. That moment you never wanted to end but can’t get back. Yet it’s preserved and captured in a photograph that will forever hold your story. It’s a truly magical experience that I want you to have. If you’re looking for a Family or Motherhood photographer in Princeton or near McKinney, Texas, I’d be honored to capture your precious bond.

With Love, 

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