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celebrating all stages of the motherhood journey.

Every time I look at this gallery of photos, I gush! It literally pulls at my heartstrings because the images perfectly embody the love between a mother and son. Just look at the way his face lights up being with Mom. The complete awe and admiration smeared across Mother’s face. This warms my soul and is every bit of why I love being a McKinney Family Photographer. When I look at these photos, it reminds me of my own love and admiration for my children. These images really speak to me. I feel it. I get it. I know it!

I truly love capturing these precious memories in photographs to be cherished forever.

An Intimate Approach as a Mckinney Family Photographer

My approach to capturing imagery like this is through honest and authentic storytelling. Storytelling evokes emotion, so the smiles and expressions that result are natural – because they’re real.

During this session, I asked sweet Matthew (son) to tell Mommy something that he loves about her. A pleasantly surprised expression spread across Mom’s face that was so ethereal and sweet.

Ginelle(Mom) then leans in for a kiss that sent Matthew overjoyed and feeling validated by his Mother’s kisses.

I loved being a fly on the wall that day while photographing this Mother & Me session amongst the dreamy wildflowers near Dallas.

The spark I felt really reignited my passion for being behind the lens in capturing motherhood.

Genuine Mommy and Me Poses

Beautiful, impactful posing convey emotion. It is not stiff or awkward. It accurately reflects the chemistry, mindset, deep feelings, and love that exists between the subject or the subject towards themselves.

Ginelle and Matthew were gently posed in their most flattering angles. They were then guided into their loved-filled expressions through heartfelt, nurturing prompts.

The vibe was gentle, relaxing, and sprinkled with a little bit of fun.

Black Mommy and Me Photos
Black Mother and Son

Creating a Safe Place

My sessions are designed to be a safe space to be vulnerable without fear of judgment. The objective is to be “you” …unapologetically “You.” It’s “you” that I want to see behind the lens of my camera. “I see you” and I want “you” to feel seen and heard when you reflect back on your photos. Because that photograph will last a lifetime and I want “you” to be portrayed both beautifully and honestly.

If you want a photographer who sees “you”, get in touch.

I am a Motherhood and Family Photographer serving Dallas, Princeton, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, and nearby, I’d be honored to document the love and chemistry between you and that someone special.

With Love,

Tonaya Noel