Outdoor Family Sessions – Why I love it

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I thrive off sunshine. The sun’s rays are invigorating. It nourishes my soul. Like, really! This is why I’d choose an outdoor session over an indoor session hand over foot any day- weather permitting that is. Lucky for me the majority of my clients opt for outdoor sessions. Here are the many reasons why I love outdoor family sessions so much.

My Love for Nature

By default I love nature and being amongst it makes me feel alive! It’s beautiful by design and I find nature’s varying landscapes to be awe-inspiring. From Fall’s golden-hued leaves, the florals of Spring, and Summertime’s wildflowers-I just love it! The lack of sunshine during the Wintertime tends to damper my spirit a bit, but being amongst it anyways helps keep my spirit lifted during its many dark and cloudy days. Even then, there’s beauty to be admired within the cool tones of Winter.

A favorite location for Maternity and Outdoor Family Sessions near Princeton TX
One of my favorite outdoor locations near Princeton, Texas

It’s Spacious

You’re not as limited outdoors as you would be in an indoor space. So the range and variety in a photo session held outdoors can be endless. Young children have the freedom to run around, play and explore their environment. It’s so much fun watching their curiosity wander about in nature.

Test Shooting at Golden Hour with My Daughter and her Teddy

The Golden-Hour Glow

There’s just this special something about nature during golden hour that never gets old. Its fleeting glow is gorgeous! Nothing is more beautiful than a backlit portrait against the setting sun. It generates this aura that flatters all. Making outdoor family sessions during the golden hour truly dreamy and special.

Final Words

Whether a maternity session or a family session, the outdoors will forever have a special place in my heart. If you’re a huge fan of the light & airy glow in my images, an outdoor session would be your best bet in achieving this in your own photos. I understand that outdoor sessions may not be everyone’s jam. I get it. This is why I also offer some great studio options for my sessions as well. There are many benefits to an indoor session too, that one would find most preferable.

With Love, 

Tonaya Noel Photography!

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