Natural Light Photography – Why I Choose It

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To put it simply, to me, there’s nothing more beautiful nor ethereal than a person illuminated by the sun’s natural light. At times, it can be difficult to explain but the way in which natural light projects a radiance and glow is majestic. Numerous have claimed that this aura can be replicated through artificial light but I have yet to see that executed in a way that’s made the sun’s match. Here’s some of the many reasons why I choose to exclusively shoot natural light photography.

Artificial Light Has It’s Perks But…..

Don’t get me wrong artificial light sources has it’s benefits. It can be used anywhere and at all times. It’s fully in one’s control. It can be both compact and large. Portable or locked in place. It’s versatile and can communicate various moods and messaging. It can add a nice punch to images. But despite it all, it’s missing a “je nais sais quoi” that the sun provides. I’ve experimented with artificial lighting before and even own a few light sources that I utilize for filming. However, these are only ever used when I’m in a bind as an absolute last resort. Always a second choice to the sun when the sun’s light is unavailable. While it may not be convenient to be so reliant on the sun, it’s worth it.

The Timeless Essence of Natural Light Photography

The simplistic, natural beauty that the sun provides in imagery never gets old. Its stunning quality never fades deeming natural light photography as timeless and special. Natural light creates beautiful, soft lighting that gives your images an exquisite, dreamy quality that’s ultra-flattering for portraits. With strategic placement, the light can act as a filter that blurs and conceals skin imperfections while adding a radiance that creates glowing skin and sparkling eyes. I absolutely love how natural light brings out my clients’ natural beauty.

The Unpredictability of Natural Light Photography

Let’s face it with natural light, you’re at the whim of the sun and good weather. To me, the unpredictability can feel spontaneous. Truth is, I watch the weather like a hawk to determine the conditions I can expect on a session day. If it’s inclement or too overcast, I like to communicate with my clients ahead of time to reschedule for another day or time. In these conditions, some photographers may leap to the use of artificial lighting to save the day. However, for me, the outcome of the images would not align with my photography style. It wouldn’t feel like “me” or “my work” and it’s important to me that I am producing work that I love and that my clients are receiving the type of photographs that they expect from me. To each their own but for me, I just can’t get with artificial lighting. I just don’t like it like that.

Final Words

Ultimately, there are many advantages to using natural light for photography—from being ultra-flattering to timeless, ethereal imagery—this is why I choose it every time! If you’re looking for beautiful photographs that are full of life and energy, then consider working with a photographer who specializes in natural light photography—the results will be well worth it!

With Love,

Tonaya Noel Photography

Family Photographer Based in Princeton, Texas