Mommy and Me Dresses for Photoshoots

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There’s nothing more tempting than dressing up your little one as a miniature version of yourself. They look just like you, so why not? While I’m an advocate for well-coordinated family outfits through mixing and matching neutrals, I also understand not being able to help yourself in coordinating matching outfits with your children. For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite shops for matching mommy and me dresses for your photoshoots. Plus, matching outfits with your little Mr. handsome too!

Mommy and Me Dresses and Outfits for Photoshoots
Mommy and Me Outfits by Jessakae

JESSAKAE collection of whimsical dresses for mom and daughter is a match made in heaven. The retailer offers infant through adult sizing with the inclusion of matching button-ups for the boys.

Dainty Jewells offer a wide selection of stylish, modest women’s and girl’s clothing that is perfect for all occasions. You can find cute mommy and me dresses for photoshoots and/or vacations too!

Mommy and Me Dresses for Photoshoots by Dainty Jewells
Mommy and Me Dresses for Photoshoots by Morning Lavender

Morning Lavender has some of the cutest mommy and daugther duo dresses and outfits. This includes matching sweaters, shoes, tops and more.

Nothing Fits But , a personal favorite of mine for maternity and post-partum dresses. But also a favorite for matching mommy and me dresses too! The size offerings are infant through adult and include gender-neutral outfits that are inclusive of all of your children.

Mommy and Me Dresses for Photoshoots by Nothing Fits But
Mommy and Me Dresses from Ivy City Co

Ivy City Co After searching the web for cute mommy and me outfits, this site made an appearance on my Facebook feed-and boy am I glad it did! The shop provides hundreds of matching wardrobe options for mom and her littles. Size ranges from infant to adult with some options for Mr.handsome too!

Final Words

The mommy and me selections available from these retailers are so precious! If planning matching outfits with your children is a must for your photoshoot, give any of these retailers a try. Moms are welcome to borrow any of the dresses available in my client closet for your photo session. So you’d at least be taken care of, if at the very least you decide that you’d like to have only the children dressed in matching outfits during your family photo session. Either way, in booking your photo session with me I’ll be there every step of the way in helping you prepare for your photo session.