Fall Family Photo Outfits – What to Wear

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As the leaves start to change colors, sunsets become more golden and the air has gone crisp, the signals of Fall is here. With that, it’s the perfect time to schedule your fall family photo session, couple, or individual photo session. While preparing for your session, there are some important details you need to consider for your fall family photo outfits. Here are some tips on how to dress for your fall photo session

Wear Muted Earth Toned Neutrals 

Autumn is all about embracing nature-inspired shades like warm browns, creams, greens and blues. Get creative with layering these earthy tones together – think a taupe paired with a muted olive green! You can also choose one of these colors as an accent piece in your outfit such as shoes or accessories. Not only will your wardrobe pair impeccably amidst nature’s backdrop but it will also ensure that your pictures look timeless when looking back at them years later. 

Fall Earth Toned Wardrobe Palette
Fall Neutrals Wardrobe Pallete

Mix and Match Your Color Palette 

The beautiful thing about neutrals is that even when pairing different colors such as beige with green or blue with cream, you’ll always look effortlessly put together. No need to be matchy-matchy in your fall family photo outfits. You can focus on 2-3 colors or shades of neutrals and still appear cohesive. Mom and toddler can dress in muted blues while Dad and baby wear beige and tan. 

Well coordinated neutrals at Fall Family Photo Session near McKinney,TX
Family well-coordinate in Fall Neutrals for Fall Family Photo Session in Plano, TX

Mix Up Textures and Patterns 

Mixing up textures and patterns can bring an extra sense of life into your photos. Instead of wearing plain solid colored shirts or dresses, try pairing different textures together such as denim jeans with a flannel button-up shirt or a tweed blazer over a soft cotton dress. You can also play around with patterned items such as plaid skirts or a printed blouse to give each outfit more dimension in your photos. 

Seek Inspiration in Nature

If you’re feeling stuck or indecisive about your family’s fall photo session outfits, look no further and step outside. Seek inspiration for your fall family session by observing the season’s natural pairings in nature. Admire how glowing the tree’s yellow leaves look amongst the faded tan grass. Or the richness of the olive evergreens that stand tall over the fallen golden leaves from its neighboring trees. Utilizing the season’s color palette in your own wardrobe for your fall family photos is key!

A couple during a family photo session in Plano, TX.
A couple during a Family Photo Session in Plano, Texas.

With a bit of creativity and inspiration, you’ll look your best in any season – especially during fall!  Keep warm layers handy if needed and don’t be afraid to mix and match your neutrals. Don’t forget to choose colors inspired by nature for a truly seasonal and timeless vibe in your family fall photos!

With these tips in mind, there’s no doubt you’ll look your best during your fall photo session!

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