How to Prepare Children for Photo Session

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As a parent, getting your child ready for your photo session can be overwhelming. You want perfect photos of your little ones and the entire family, but you also want your child to feel calm and comfortable in front of the camera. With a few simple tips and tricks, you will learn how to prepare children for a photo session so that it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is key when it comes to how to prepare children for a photo session. Let them know what they can expect during the photo session, who they’ll meet, and what they should expect. This will help them feel more comfortable with the whole process and give them some peace of mind. Explain to them how much it means to you to have new photos of them and the family. This will give them an understanding of how truly special family photos are.

Be Positive

When talking about photographs with kids, always use positive language. Rather than emphasizing how important it is that they look good for the camera (which may make them feel self-conscious), focus on how fun photos are and how special this moment is that you’re capturing together as a family. If you keep it lighthearted, they’ll be more likely to relax in front of the camera and have a great time during their session!

Fill Those Tummies

Now who isn’t cranky on an empty stomach? Prior to your session, allow some time for a meal or snack time to help keep hunger and moods at bay. Packing a healthy snack, juice, or water for the car ride or for during the photo session is nice to have handy. To prevent last-minute accidents make sure it’s a non-messy snack!

Allow Time for Rest

A sleepy baby or toddler is an angry one! I get it, me too! Schedule or squeeze in time nap-time for the little ones prior to the photo session. Ensure they’ve gotten plenty of rest the night before. Expecting your child to cooperate when they’re feeling restless is such a struggle, not worth fighting. As a mother to two young children myself, my approach is to give children the space to feel how they feel to allow them a moment to self-soothe and seek calm. Trying to reason with an uncomfortable or tired child often exasperates negative emotions. Getting ahead of it puts everyone at ease! 

Praise & Reward

Sometimes children need an extra push to stay focused and follow directions during their photo session. Praise their efforts when they do something right or listen attentively to instructions given by the photographer. This will make them feel positive about themselves while also helping them stay engaged in the process. You can also offer rewards such as treats or small toys if they perform well throughout their photoshoot! You can even offer it as a tactic to keep them engaged.

Preparing your kid(s) for a photo session doesn’t need to be complicated. It just takes some planning ahead of time and being aware of what makes your little ones feel more at ease in front of the camera. With these few simple steps followed through with lots of love and positivity from you, you’ll have some amazing photos of the entire family to cherish forever! You got this!

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