Better Photos of Your Kids at-home: 5 Tips

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Documenting your children’s special moments is one of the great joys of parenting. Being able to capture them while they are in their element is one of the sweetest things. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the challenge of trying to take good photos of your active little ones. Don’t worry! I’ve got five tips that will help you take better photos of your kids for long-lasting memories.

Start with What You Have

No need to invest in an expensive camera right away! Your smartphone is good enough for snapping some good memories of your children. With good composition, lighting and the right timing you’ll have everything you need to capture heart-warming photos from home.

Get Down Low for Better Photos of Your Kids

The best way to get great shots of your children is to get down low—literally. By getting on the same level as your child, you can create photos that are more intimate and engaging. This will also give you more control over what’s in the background, letting you focus solely on your little one instead of any potential distractions.

Use Natural Light

So I’m a little biased with this tip. While you can certainly use artificial light sources for your photos, natural light photos tend to evoke an innocence and level of authenticity that can not be easily replicated by other light sources. Soft light through a window or outdoors can really enhance the look and feel of your photos. Flash photography or other artificial lighting sources; may be too harsh for what you’re trying to convey in your child’s at-home portraits.

Taking Better Photos Of Your Kids is to Have Fun With It!

Allowing your children the freedom to have fun in their photos make for incredible candids with their unique personality reflected. With children, the best photos are created when you give them space to be in their element. Practically being a fly on the wall more as an observer rather than a director behind the camera will produce some of the most impactful imagery of your children.

Take Multiple Shots

Keep on snapping! Children’s movements can be fast and unpredictable. The last thing you want to do is to miss out on a sweet, unrehearsed moment. Taking multiple pictures allows you to capture different angles and expressions so that you have plenty of options when it comes time to pick out your favorite photos.

These five tips should help make taking better photos of your kids much easier and much more enjoyable than ever before! From making sure you use natural light whenever possible to using what you already have and taking multiple shots —these tips will help ensure that every moment spent with your kids is captured perfectly in beautiful photographs.

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