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Motherhood Photographer based in Princeton Texas Tonaya Noel Photography

Making the switch to motherhood photography is the easiest decision I made for my business. It makes perfect sense. A mom serving other moms as we all share this similar walk in life. Being able to resonate with the insecurities and many challenges we face as mothers is natural because, I’ve been there, done that, and am living in the same struggles myself. To be in front of the camera can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. You’re nervous that you’re not going to like what you see of yourself in your photos because you’re still trying to come to terms with your new transformed body. I get that. That was me too!

As a motherhood photographer, my goal is to make you feel at ease, reassured, and beautiful as I capture sweet memories of you with your children. Here are the many other reasons why I’m glad I made the switch.

A Natural Transition

I’m a mother also. What you’re going through I’ve likely experienced or am experiencing too. I know firsthand how special your little ones are to you. I also understand the insecurities you may have – especially as it relates to our newly transformed figures. For this exact reason, I strive for a seamless and stress-free process when booking and preparing for your session. I have a Client Closet made for you to borrow dresses and gowns that flatter your figure. I also provide a style guide along with styling assistance to you and your entire family in preparing for your session. No need to go shopping just for your maternity or family session. I got you covered! We can pull together a cohesive look with pieces from your wardrobe that you already own!

More Time with My Family

No amount of success is worth having if you’re unable to enjoy the fruit of your labors with your family. With my son starting kindergarten, I no longer had the time to pursue branding or editorial type of work. Branding required A LOT of behind of scenes planning and editorials usually occurred in the middle of the work week during the day. I could no longer commit to that and I didn’t want to take away valuable time with my family. I had to pivot and motherhood photography was the most practical transition. Lucky for me, I was already attracting both motherhood and family clientele. All I really had to do was to make the dive towards making both my new focus.

Motherhood Photographer based in Princeton Texas Tonaya Noel Photography
My Loving Family

Building Connections with fellow Mothers

I find it very rewarding to bond with other moms. We share a lot in common with the core goals, fears, and wishes we have for our children. Regardless of what one’s definition of health, success, good values, and happiness may be. We all want healthy, happy babies who grow up to become good people and lead successful lives. We’ve all struggled to come to terms with our new bodies or felt as if we’ve lost a sense of self. We strive to rediscover ourselves, our wants, desires, purpose, and peace of mind. I see you. Building that type of connection with others make what I do feel beyond worth it.

Final Words

I love serving my fellow mamas and my clients because despite our many differences, we’re all one and the same. In your session with me, I want you to walk away feeling beautiful and touched by the memories captured with your loved ones. I remember how much it meant to me to have both my pregnancies and early moments with my first documented by the talented Neva Michelle. And I wanted to make that same impact on other mothers as well.

To empower moms and mamas-to-be is the reason why I made the switch to motherhood photography.

With Love, 

Tonaya Noel Photography!

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