5 Photo Print Ideas

You know what’s better than receiving your online gallery of photos? Having them printed. There’s nothing better than having a photo that you love displayed in a favorite place or nook in your home. In the olden days, one would wear a photo of someone they loved in a locket worn around their neck. While the times have changed, here are 5 Photo Print Ideas for displaying your memories.

Wall Art

Having a focal wall in your home dedicated to displaying your family’s memories is the ultimate way to add a personal touch that gives all the “my home feels”. There’s a variety of creative ways to achieve a good photo wall such as photo tiles, collages, canvas, a traditional gallery wall, and more.

Family Photo Book

If you’re sitting on a year’s worth of photos, I highly recommend archiving your photos in a family photo book or album. Not only is it a beautiful way to keepsake your photos but it makes for a great coffee table book as well. It’s also a great conversation starter at gatherings with family, friends, and guests.

This is my favorite of the 5 photo print ideas because I love designing and collecting a new book each year to document the growth and memories of my children. One of my favorite online studios to design and order my books from is Their photo and book quality is really good quality and consistent with every order. Unfortunately, I am not able to say the same about ordering photo designs at Walgreens, Cvs or Snapfish. While they may be the more affordable options- the quality is subpar, often pixelated and inconsistent.

Scrap Books

I don’t hear or see much about scrapbooking these days. Perhaps it’s now an outdated hobby but they can be so much fun! It’s a personalized, creative way to archive photos. You can really go all out in creating a unique array of your photos through scrapbooking. For instance, you can start off by selecting some cool stock paper from your local craft stores such as Michaels, JoAnns, or Hobby Lobby then decorate with cute stickers, gems, glitter, tape and so much more!

Photo Box

Maybe you’re not much of a crafty person and would prefer a more laid-back approach to storing your printed photos. Well, you may fancy a handcrafted wooden photo box. It’s a nice, premium option for keepsaking your photos.

Place the box in your favorite space for home gatherings or for the more sentimental collection of photos, you can keep the box stationed at the most sacred place of your home.

Final Words

While there are so many benefits to digital photographs, printed photos are that much more special and should be treated accordingly. It can really pull together a home, become a great conversation starter and bring back some of your best memories.

If you’d like some tips and tricks on taking better photos of your kids to add to your gallery wall or family photo book, check these 5 tips out.

With Love,

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