Moments Forever Cherished with My Children

Family Vacation in Sedona Arizona

It’s no secret that the time spent with our children is precious. Within a year’s span your child is encountering so many milestones and growth that it makes you wonder where all the time has gone. You quickly begin to develop a deep appreciation for all the little moments experienced with your little ones. As our children grow before our eyes, making the most out of the quality time spent with them is essential.

Here are some unforgettable moments to experience with your children.


For some, the thought of traveling with young children can be anxiety-inducing but the pay-off is more than worth it. Having the privilege and the opportunity to take your children on a new adventure is incredible. It’s exciting, and mind-opening and can pique your child’s interest and fascination for the world they live in.

My first family trip with my children was spent in both Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona. The amazement and wonder my children had for that experience was more than I could’ve even asked for. We all absolutely loved it! We had so much fun and we’re always looking forward to our next big trip as a family. I couldn’t have asked for any better travel companions! Although, I must admit. Sevyn, my youngest had a complete meltdown on our flight to and from. But that paled in comparison to how much fun we had overall.

Oh and adventures don’t have to be spent out of town! For many of us, there are plenty of places to see and do right in our own city. Especially here near McKinney Texas!


The honor of your children inviting you into their world of imagination is such a privilege we must not take for granted! Children are very grateful for the time spent with loved ones that they admire. Especially, mom and dad! While playtime may seem small, the imprint it has on their childhood is major. It can become a core memory that forever shapes your child’s perception of having a positive childhood.

3.Trying Something New

While we may have decades of experience in life compared to our children, sharing a first-time experience with your child is so delightful. Whether it’s new for them, just for you, or everyone – it can make any moment feel that much more meaningful! An experience I’m eager to have with my children is a trip to Disneyworld or Disneyland! I have never been and neither have they! It’s a bucket list I have for all of us. I know we’d have so much fun and that it would be a trip we’d always remember.

4.Family Pictures

This is an experience everyone wants but as moms, our insecurities can get the best of us. We become fearful of not liking what we see of ourselves when we receive back our photos. But let me tell you NOT booking a professional photographer for family photos is an easy yet major regret. Once a moment has passed, you’ll never be able to get them back. Your photos are memories you’ll always be able to look back on.

Year after year, I find myself admiring old photographs taken by the amazing Neva Michelle, whom I hired during both of my pregnancies and the early months of my firstborn. I regret not booking photos with my daughter during her first few months. But I’ve made it a tradition to take photos of my children each season of each year and now that they are a bit older, I’ve added myself to the tradition of taking family photos with them. Listen, I’ll break my back to make this happen!

5. Reading Time

The beauty of reading is that it can be soothing and relaxing or boisterous and fun! I enjoy reading as a pastime with my children because they are so engaged and full of excitement. We utilize reading time as a way to unplug before bedtime and it almost always leads to 2 sleeping children within 30 minutes time. Even more so, early reading is connected to so many benefits in your child’s development. At 5 years old, my son is the strongest reader in his class and does an excellent job of sounding out new, complex words. I attribute this to an early introduction in reading.

Finals Words

While this post reveals 5 of my favorite moments spent with my children, the list is actually much longer. I’ve barely come to terms with my children growing older but it’s my mission to make each and every moment spent with them one we’ll all forever cherish.

With Love, 

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